Take Me (An Original Poem)

Take me where the air is clean;

Flowers bloom, and grass is green.

Where dirt paths are the ones folks trod,

And beetles scamper in the sod;

Where meadowlarks croon in the trees,

And autumn leaves dance in the breeze;

Where buttercups are wet with dew,

And evenings cast a purple hue;

Where grasses raise their dainty head,

And neighbors share their daily bread;

Where children laugh and kick tin cans,

And mothers cook in iron pans;

Where street lamps are the newest thing,

And from the rafters, songbirds sing;

Where steeples climb into the blue,

And church bells call the faithful few;

Where snowflakes kiss the rolling hills,

And pies cool on the windowsills;

Where all the youth take time to read,

And folk are good in word and deed;

Where families go for Sunday drives,

And farmers cut the wheat with scythes;

Where neighbors gather to linger and talk,

And no one needs to heed the clock;

Where visitors make friendly calls,

And playrooms are the attic halls;

Where gentlemen still smoke cigars,

And dreamers sit beneath the stars;

Where couples row boats round the lake,

And words are never spoke in hate;

Where raindrops are a welcome sight,

And children are tucked in at night;

Where patchwork quilts adorn each bed,

And firelight warms each nodding head.

Oh, take me where I will be free,

Of city slums and misery!

Take me where there is no crime,

There is no sorrow, and no grime.

Where life is simple, pleasant, sweet;

Time knows no bounds, and Peace I meet.

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