Overcoming Fear

While we were all born with that built-in danger sensing mechanism, fear, most of our frights are those that we have learned. Why is this important? Our brains are capable of change, adaptation, and unlearning!

Fear is a healthy instinctual response to danger, thus steering us from the harmful. The lines begin to blur, however, when our fears override facts. Fight or flight seizes our bodies, and adrenaline starts pumping into our veins as our minds signal ‘danger,’ when there is no true threat.

Tip 1: Differentiate between reality and falsehood

Ask yourself if your fears are rooted in reality, or founded in fright. Most times, our fears are unsubstantiated. What’s the worst that could happen? Will the world end? Fear, simply put, is a liar. It will steal our peace. It will rob us of our happiness. It will deceive our minds.

Tip 2: Discover new meaning

Those of us with a zest for life have often found purpose – a reason for being, greater than that which holds us back. Perhaps it’s a meaningful career, a volunteer opportunity, or someone dependent on us. If our mission is fulfilling, the potential setbacks look smaller and smaller.

Tip 3: Set small goals, then celebrate every win

Reaching our goals – especially when the goalpost seems a daunting distance – can take quite a bit of effort. It’s important to reward ourselves as we pass each milestone.

“Don’t downgrade your dreams to meet the current. Upgrade your mindset.”

Jim Kwik

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