My Depression, My Anxiety, and Me

A lyrical melody written by yours truly: *Medically-inspired rewrite of ‘My Rifle, My Pony, and Me’ LED lights, down the hallways Paper gown, that can’t be tied With my three good companions My depression, anxiety, and me  Gonna hang my IV drip Near my hospital bed Coming home, ER darling Just my depression, anxiety, andContinue reading “My Depression, My Anxiety, and Me”

The Stranger (An Original Poem)

Once there was a mining town, that cleaved upon the desert brown. In this town was a saloon; beer was drunk from dawn till noon. Men clutched mugs of liquid gold, their drunkenness a fight forebode. Empty holster, empty head – deadeye discharged flying lead. He, gunslinger broad of chest, was well-regarded in the West.Continue reading “The Stranger (An Original Poem)”

Take Me (An Original Poem)

Take me where the air is clean; Flowers bloom, and grass is green. Where dirt paths are the ones folks trod, And beetles scamper in the sod; Where meadowlarks croon in the trees, And autumn leaves dance in the breeze; Where buttercups are wet with dew, And evenings cast a purple hue; Where grasses raiseContinue reading “Take Me (An Original Poem)”